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Single Disc Counter And Filler With And Without Conveyor Semi Automatic Model Adaptable To Automatic


Counting Range : 0 to 1000 per Container
Operating speed : 2 to 15 bottles per minute (30 count - depend on product in single disc model)
Compressed air reqd. : 5 to 6kg/cm² @ 5CFM (in your scope)
Conveyor drive : Motor 0.5 H.P 600 kg.
Automatic Counting machine by highly efficient sophisticated MMI. Machine consist counting head, having 3 tracks.  Digital counting system assures perfect counting.  Track design as such that no change parts required for different size of products.  It has been used in Pharmaceutical Industries to pack tablets / capsules in bottles or container.


A unique machine to count &fill tablet /capsule in plastic /glass bottles in bulk quantity. Counting disc gives promised capacity of fill. Each disc is designed and manufactured to count coated /uncoated tablets, hard or soft capsule. One bottle can be filled at a time through one single -track filler, one set of machine can fill four bottles at the same time which enhances the output. The rpm varies depending upon the product. Delivery chutes direct the product from the counting disc into filler tubes of various sizes to suit different containers. Integrated with the filler, under the hopper is the system that provides dust free passage of stocks to the containers. The special Dust Extractor system to remove dust particles from the passage to the container and enables efficient and smooth running of the disc when uncoated tablets are counted.


Product is feed on a rotating disc, and is channel in guided opening as per the shape and size of the product for counting & filling. As per the count set in the counting MMI unit no. of count is maintained and released by pneumatic closer for the counting and filling operation. Product container / Pouch is kept manually at the release end to fill the counted product.

  • Suitable to pack all types of products, tablets, capsules and caplets
  • Multi-track counting for high production output
  • User friendly software
  • No container No fill operation
  • Micro Processor base highly efficient.
  • Very easy to clean